Artificial cricket pitch installation

One of the games widely played and enjoyed all over the world is cricket. This game is normally played on surfaces known as pitches and they are mostly on grass. Sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain these pitches, especially when there is no water to pour on the grass. It also becomes a problem when it rains too much and the grass becomes damp. This is why there is a big demand for Artificial cricket pitch installation.

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Why people should opt for artificial cricket pitches

As pointed out, cricket, which originated in England, has fast become a very popular sport. More and more people want to be able to enjoy the sport all year round, which may not be possible due to adverse weather conditions. However if people can have an artificial pitch they can be able to play in all seasons.

Convenience of the pitches

Players have also approved the synthetic pitches as they reduce the chances of a game being cancelled or postponed due to wetness. These pitches drain quickly making the surface suitable for play. Players have also praised the smooth playing field, which reduces their injuries while diving, sliding or running hence, making the game more fun.

Places to install artificial cricket pitches

The good thing about an artificial pitch is that it can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on the surface area. These pitches can be easily installed in homes, schools, sports club and other places, as long as there is enough space. The installers should be able to work with any sites and surfaces, as they are all unique.

Professional assistance

Like any other project, you want to ensure that you hire professionals to install the artificial pitch. There are very many websites with contacts of these people. Nevertheless, you will need to do some research and ensure you hire trained and well-experienced installers. Pitch owners can request to see a project that these specialists have done before to ensure they will get good quality work.

Installation tips

There are factors you need to consider when installing these pitches. Many people recommend putting them up in a north south direction so as to avoid being in the direction of the setting sun. It is also advisable to avoid setting up near trees as the shadows will make it difficult to see the ball. The installers visit the site and take measurements of the available surface for the pitch.

Installation process

The installers first have to create a base or slab either using concrete or sand. They leave it to cure for seven days before adding either synthetic or fiber grass. They must ensure the slab is solid and smooth so as to remove any bounciness in the ball. The base will determine the kind of grass to use. For a concrete slab, one will have to glue the grass on the perimeters while for a crusher base, one only folds the grass and uses pegs to secure. The wicket lines are then painted using road paint.